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Zhonhen Launched new IDC products on 2022 Alibaba Yunqi Conference


On November 5th, the three-day 2022 Alibaba Yunqi Conference came to a successful conclusion in Hangzhou Yunqi Town. Zhonhen has launched second generation of Panama & T-train products, new switching power supply and CRPS products on the conference.

With the theme of "Computing, Evolution and Future", this conference opened three exhibition halls, named "The Power of Computing", "Evolutionary Trend" and "Future Situation". It covers more than 60 science and technology summit forums as well as more than 1,000 topic sharing, bringing together thousands of scientific and technological elites as well as more than 1,000 new scientific and technological product releases.

At this conference, with the theme of "low-carbon minimalism and intelligent ecology", Zhonhen Electric fully demonstrated corporate mission of "making energy smarter" through the display of equipment prototypes, scale-down model products, industrial panorama and other contents. The new products displayed by our company - "switching power supply" and " common redundant power supply (CRPS)" have the characteristics of high adaptability, ultra-high efficiency, customizable and redundant design, and accurately match the use demands of mainstream switching power supply and CRPS.

At the same time, our company also exhibited the second generation of Panama & T-train products. This is an intelligent integrated power system, which has the architectural advantages of mechanical and electrical engineering productization, near-zero loss, simplified integration of new energy and energy storage, etc. It can provide strong support for promoting the optimization of the energy structure for data centers and energy-consuming industries. Moreover, the second generation of Panama & T-train products better conform to the business logic of cloud computing and high-energy-consuming industries, and meet the needs of the low-carbon era.

Zhonhen has always adhered the corporate mission of "making energy smarter" and technological innovation, worked with partners to build a more efficient, intelligent and safer digital ecosystem, and created new value for customers.

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