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The standard 19 inches power core, to be embedded into  existing telecom power supply systems.

Embedded Power

The standard 19 inches power core, can be applied as an independent power, or can also be a expended part, to be embedded into existing telecom power supply systems.

Smart Modular Power (Embedded Power)

It is a standards 19 inches power core, with higher power density, composed of basic unit, extended rectifier unit and extended DC unit. It can be an independent supply power, or can be a expended part, to be embedded into an existing power supplier as expansion plug-in module.


The basic power supply converts 220V AC mains power into DC-48V power, with a maximum capacity of 300A, which can be easily expanded to 600A by expanded units.

It supports multi-level tenant load outputs, and configure different distribution units to manage the loads according to requirements. 

This high-density power adopts smaller rectifier module, solar converter and 1U intelligent MCB to realize miniaturization to save cabinet space. It supports the slot hybrid of rectifier and solar converter.


Intelligent control

on-off control for each load output controlled by remotely or preset time schedule


Intelligent switch supports statistics of energy according to users or loads type


Each branch is independent. If a single branch fails, other branches still can work normally


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