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Energy Management System

scalable and smart home energe storage management system 

Zhonhen Energy Management System

The energy management cloud platform is a key product to realize the data and equipment asset management of cloud power stations. Its rich application functions and powerful data analysis capabilities can help investment operators build their own energy dispatching center, energy operation center, energy operation and maintenance center, and support the coordinated control of virtual power plants, regional energy demand response and other scenarios.


The System deploys peak balancing operation strategy. The low-voltage side grid charges the energy storage system during the off-peak electricity rate stage, and the energy storage system supplies power to the load during the peak electricity rate stage, so as to benefit from peak & off-peak rate differences.


  • Suitable for multiple application scenarios. 

  • Multi-direction monitoring system provide reliable solutions. 

  • Cloud server provide 24/7 protection.

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Zhonhen Cloud

  • Compatible with common protocols, like Modbus-TCP/RTUDLT645、IEC104, etc.

  • Collecting data in milliseconds, and send commands in seconds.

  • A single device can monitor an Electricity station with the size of up to 100 MWh.

  • Support local deployment and cloud deployment.

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We provide a range of home energy storage batteries for various choices; contact our sales to find more.

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