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Zhonhen is to transit its green, low-carbon and intelligent factory to be "zero-carbon" in 2023

Since its establishment, Zhonhen's main factory has been devoted to be a green, low-carbon and intelligent factory, and making full use of photovoltaic storage and charging technology to carry out factory energy management. With the completion of the zero-carbon factory exhibition hall in end 2022, it marks that Zhonhen's green and low-carbon factory in Hangzhou has been fully put into operation and will be "zero-carbon" in 2023.

At present, Zhonhen's Fuyang factory has installed a capacity of 1.48 MW PV, with energy storage of 1.38 MWh, and total installed power of EV charging of 551 kW. At the same time, Zhonghen comprehensively analyzed and monitord the plant energy consumption data and is expected to fully achieve the goal of carbon neutrality within 2023.

In the zero-carbon exhibition hall, the corporate culture, digital energy industry panorama and important products and solutions are comprehensively displayed. The energy service platform realizes the 3D visual display of the entire factory through 3D modeling and other technologies, which detects energy consumption and carbon emissions in different regions, and provides support for reducing energy consumption and optimizing carbon emissions. At the same time, it can accurately feedback the composition of the factory energy cost, and boost income for the factory through energy management.

Focusing on the mission of "making energy smarter", Zhonhen's Fuyang Factory will strive to become a benchmark for zero-carbon factories, and contribute to the green energy revolution and the construction of a zero-carbon society.

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