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Our Smard Grid system can be applied in various energy systems such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage system and other kinds of distributed power supply. Our smart grid management system realizes the internal dynamic balance between supply and demand. The smart grid system is autonomous and has friendly interaction with the main grid, which can realize parallel operation and also run independently to provide users with power supply system with high quality, high reliability and high safety.

IoT based, real-time operation 

 edge computing, real-time processing

intelligent operation and efficient management 

ture safety, cost-efficiency, and reliability

Smart energy storage cloud platform

The platform provides energy storage power station investors, integrators and operators with automatic operation and maintenance, and intelligent operation and management services, as well as provide the operation optimization, intelligent control and other management services for the whole lifecycle of the electric power market.

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Solution Features

Unified management

Centralized and unified management of distributed energy storage power stations in all regions

Measurement & settlement

Measure and settle power generation, power consumption and electricity fees

Statistical analysis

Carry out statistics and analysis on system operation and operation index to realize intelligent management

Locating of warning alarm

Available to accurately locate fault warning alarm to improve operation and maintenance efficiency

Improved cost efficiency

Actively optimize system operation mode, reduce system operation cost and improve system efficiency


AC-DC Integrated Power Supply System 

Zhongheng ZHTS series AC-DC integrated power supply system is developed to resolve the problems such as low automation degree, complex system management and difficult information sharing of traditional power supply in transformer substation. The system combined with AC power supply, DC power supply, UPS/INV power supply, communication power supply and other power supply systems in the transformer substation into an integrated power supply system through network communication, integrated monitoring, system linkage and other ways.

The system realizes the safety of stationary power supply and intelligent network, solves the disadvantages of traditional separated power supply system, improves the intelligent level of transformer substation and the level of substation power supply management, improves the reliability and flexibility of power supply system, reduces the total project investment, and reduces the maintenance cost of the whole life cycle.

Solution Features



Procurement and construction process simplified, reduced total investment and life cycle cost.

Strong compatibility

The monitoring center unit is compatible with each unit, and fully accessiable  through unified interface and unified protocol.

Real-time Intelligence

Power consumption, switching value and events of each subsystem of the substation power can be viewed in real time with remote control 

Integrated design

Uniform design will reduce repeated configuration, reduce the number of panels, save equipment cost and save floor area.

Easy Facilitation

The operating power battery, the UPS battery, communications power battery are integrated to a battery pack.

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We provide a range of AC/DC smart grid solutions for various markets; contact our sales to find more.

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