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Zhonhen IDC power system Panama&T-train series selected as "National Key Low-Carbon Tech"

In December 21, 2022, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China released the "Catalogue of Low-Carbon Technologies for National Key Promotion (Fourth Batch)". A total of 35 low-carbon technologies in 6 categories were selected. According to the release, Zhonhen's Panama&T-train IDC power systems were selected into the catalogue.

Zhonhen'S Panama&T-train series

Zhonhen'S Panama&T-train series is developed by Zhonhen iteself through combinations of innovative magnetic circuit technology, power electronics technology and digital technology, integrating 10kV power distribution, new transformers, uninterruptible power supply (HVDC) and intelligent transmission and distribution Intelligent integrated power supply system for electrical and other units.

Zhonhen's IDC power system Panama&T-train series shorten the power supply link and improves the power supply efficiency through the innovative integration of magnetic circuits, while saving the area occupied by the power system. It also shorten the delivery cycle, minimalist architecture, lightweight operation and maintenance, and improved product reliability and availability. It is the preferred solution for the power supply and distribution system of medium and large data centers.

The cumulative installed capacity of this series of products has exceeded 500MVA, by various top-tier IDC clients including such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and etc.

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