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Zhonhen and WISER Team Up to Jointly Explore Global Smart Energy and Electrification Market

October 2022, WISER and Zhonhen Electric announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to jointly explore the global smart energy and electrification market.

As per the Agreement, the two parties will joint force to explore the massive growth opportunities in various verticals including ICT digital power, EV charging, smart energy, electrification and etc, to help Zhonhen expand its global footprints and build up a strong business network and presence in the international market.

The collaboration will initially be focused in Europe, where both parties see the significant growing trend and urgency towards energy transition and electrification in the region. In past decade, WISER have been dealing with many European technology companies as well as dynamic industrial investors in these industries, which would help Zhonhen outreach more identical ecosystem partners and accelerate its business expansion via the organic and/or non-organic growth.

Zhonhen International, a new off-shore entity will be incorporated jointly by WISER, focusing on the business creation for Zhonhen Electric in the international markets.

Zhonhen's 100,000sm mega-factory in Hangzhou, China

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