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Zhonhen and ABB held a signing ceremony for the 5th anniversary of strategic cooperation

November 22, 2022, Zhonhen and ABB held a signing ceremony for the 5th anniversary of strategic cooperation at the headquarters of Zhonhen in Hangzhou, China. The ceremony is under the theme of "promoting comprehensive cooperation towards future".

At the signing ceremony, Mr Feifei Xu, vice chairman and CEO of Zhonhen, delivered a speech. He said, "In 2022, Zhonhen have redefined itself as a digital pwoer company focusing on a low-carbon and zero-carbon society, with "carbon neutrality" target policy presents new opportunities for enterprises. We will continue to practice the corporate mission of "making energy smarter", and work with partners to build a more efficient, smarter and safer digital energy ecosystem".

"In 2022, Zhonhen will further improve through building international business team, incubating customized power supply business and promoting site energy business. Our management team will be more open, collaborative, timely, and in the best state. We have enough physical strength, brain power, and mental power to embrace the challenges of power electronics industry in next 30 years. " Said Mr Xu.

Guozheng Zhao, head of ABB Sales Team, proposed in his speech that ABB and Zhonhen Electric can develop new cooperative directions, including smart operation and maintenance, exploring comprehensive energy, and adopting intelligent operation and maintenance management methods to open up the front and back ends. Combining the advantages of both parties, ABB and Zhonhen can help carry out more comprehensive and extensive cooperation.

Zhonhen and ABB reached a strategic cooperation consensus. Feifei Xu and Rong Yang signed strategic cooperation agreements respectively.

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