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Charging the Hangzhou Asian Games: A Green Initiative

The atmosphere for the Hangzhou Asian Games is already at its peak! All the venues for the Asian Games are ready, and the torch relay is in full swing. As the host city of the 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou will integrate the themes of "Green, Smart, Civilized, and Thrifty" throughout the event, and will continue to focus on achieving "dual carbon" goals, strongly promoting low-carbon and green travel, and providing green charging for the Asian Games.

To better practice the concept of the Green Asian Games, Zhonhen is backing the construction of a high-quality charging infrastructure system in Hangzhou, increasing R&D investment in charging equipment, improving the quality of charging products, expanding production capacity, ensuring supply, and providing high-quality charging equipment, thus contributing to corporate responsibility for a "Zero Carbon Asian Games", fully ensuring the efficient organization of the Asian Games and helping to build green transportation for the Asian Games.

01 Actively Participating: Hangzhou Asian Games Charging Support

During the Asian Games, Zhonhen has provided charging equipment for six venues including the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center, Asian Games Aquatic Sports Center, Hangzhou Asian Games Shooting Range, and Shangcheng District Gymnasium, ensuring convenient charging support for the Asian Games.

Zhonhen Employees at the Asian Games Venue

Charging Stations at Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

02 City-wide Charging Support: Liquid Cooling Technology Enhances High-Power Green Charging Performances

In Hangzhou city area, key locations such as Xiaoshan Impression City, Hangzhou Canal Fortune Center, Xixi Manhattan, Hangzhou Yulong Building and other BP charging stations, Xiaoshan Dongyue Temple Sinopec charging station, Shangcheng District Railway East Station West Square underground parking lot charging station, etc., are equipped with charging equipment to meet the charging needs of tourists and surrounding residents with new energy vehicles.

BMW Supercharging Station in INCITY Shopping Mall

Xpeng Super-fast Charging Station in Hangzhou Canal Fortune Center S4

BP Charging Station in Xixi Manhattan Building

Sinopec Charging Station in Xiaoshan Dongyue Temple

03 Convenient Charging in Highway Service Areas: Worry-Free Green Travel

We are proud of providing charging equipments to empower the EV drivers traveling to and from Hangzhou, covering important transportation hubs around Hangzhou such as Haining Service Area, Jinhua Service Area, Jiande Service Area, Zhuji Service Area, etc,.

Charging Station in Jinhua Service Area

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