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Charge Amps of Sweden undertakes comprehensive inspection at our factory

On April 11th, representatives led by the Chief Operating Officer from Charge Amps AB embarked on a technical site visit to Zhonhen Electric. Mr. Xu Feifei, CEO of Zhonhen Electric, extended a warm and professional welcome to the delegation.

Founded in 2012, with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Charge Amps AB stands at the forefront of electric vehicle charging solutions. Their dedication to the widespread transition to electric vehicles and the pursuit of sustainable transportation is evident in their provision of top-tier charging technologies. (Information courtesy: Charge Amps Official Documentation)

During their time at the Fuyang production facility, the delegation was presented with an in-depth overview of Zhonhen Electric's evolutionary trajectory, strategic business ethos, technological prowess, and product quality assurance metrics. Under the guidance of Fuyang Zhonhen’s General Manager, Mr. Fang Jianjun, and the Deputy General Manager of the International Business BU, Mr. Shen Pan, the delegation was escorted through key operational sectors including the "Zero Carbon" initiative showroom, the SMT and PCBA workshops, cutting-edge automated storage solutions, the module workshop, and the sophisticated charging infrastructure manufacturing units, with granular briefings provided at each juncture.

A collaborative dialogue ensued, focusing intently on the joint research, development, and potential collaboration pertaining to European standard AC charging infrastructures. A unified goal emerged: to synergize efforts in driving innovation in the AC charging domain, enhance technological breakthroughs, aggressively penetrate new markets, elevate product quality benchmarks, and fortify brand prominence in the sector.

Zhonhen Electric is eager to engage with more international stakeholders through similar hands-on exchanges, enriching their understanding of our capabilities and vision. With unwavering commitment to excellence, Zhonhen Electric is poised to amplify its global footprint, delivering unparalleled products and services to the international electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

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